2020-03-25 09:50:00

Like every other major blockbuster heading our way over the next couple of months, there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding Black Widow right now. While the movie is obviously going to see the light of day at some point, the fact that theaters are closed for the foreseeable future means that many fans are hoping it could be shared on Disney+ instead. 

That seems unlikely all things considered, especially as it would mean Disney and Marvel Studios would lose hundreds of millions of dollars. The more likely option is for Black Widow to receive a pricey Digital debut, but star David Harbour is definitely on board with an early Disney+ release. 

"I’m very much looking forward to being in Black Widow if we ever are able to release that movie," he said in an Instagram Q&A. "I would love to be able to watch that movie too - y’know I have not seen that movie. I have seen some stuff in ADR and it looks really good. And also I was there when we were shooting it and I’m really excited about it. But I would like to see it myself."

"Hell, I would watch it on Disney+," the actor, who plays Red Guardian in Black Widow, concluded.

If theaters remain closed for the majority of 2020, then it's certainly possible that Disney and other major studios will consider Digital releases. The hope is that things will be back to normal by the summer, though, so they're likely to remain patient for now before making any rash decisions. 

Do you guys think we could see Black Widow on Disney+ at some point in 2020? 

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