2020-03-25 14:05:00

Movie theaters may be closed, but Digital movie retailer FandangoNOW just had a great weekend. 

Fandango's Managing Editor Erik Davis has taken to Twitter to reveal that the online service had its biggest weekend ever thanks to movie rentals and purchases. There was a lot on offer for film fans, including Pixar's Onward and Blumhouse's The Invisible Man (both of which were released early due to their theatrical runs being cut short). 

As you can see below, those two movies actually topped the list, while other recent releases like Jumanji: The Next Level and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - which were set to be released in time for this past weekend regardless - weren't too far behind. 

For the foreseeable future, streaming and Digital will be the only way for people to experience new movies, and you have to believe studios are going to be watching these numbers very closely.

After all, if Disney comes to the conclusion that they can stick a hefty price tag on Black Widow and turn a profit, then we may get to watch it sooner rather than later. Ultimately, it depends how long these closures will last, but President Donald Trump has already talked about lifting lockdowns in the coming weeks to kickstart the economy (despite what scientists are saying).

What did you guys watch over the weekend?

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