2020-03-25 17:20:00

Unfortunately, writer Rick Remender parted ways with Marvel Comics back in 2014, but he left an incredible legacy behind thanks to his work on titles like Uncanny Avengers, The Punisher, and perhaps most memorably, X-Force. During his time working for the company, though, he never really got the chance to do much with Spider-Man. 

Sure, the wall-crawler occasionally popped up in the other titles he was writing, but that was about it. Well, Remender has now shared a rejected pitch from 2009 which sounds...spectacular!

Presumably meant to be released during the post-"Brand New Day" era of storytelling, his Amazing Spider-Man would have featured Peter Parker learning that the company responsible for irradiating the spider that gave him superpowers did the same to a number of other people as well (Red Ant, Parasite Worm, Toxic Beetle, and Black Wasp).

Freeing them from years spent in captivity, the the "Pandora's Box" story arc would have delved into the fallout from their descent into madness as well as Spidey inadvertently irradiating an entire town of people with powers. The origins of the radioactive spider have only ever been touched on now and again, so this has real potential to feel like a fresh storyline for the web-slinger. 

Since sharing this pitch, Remender has made it clear he has no interest in writing it now, but it's one which could have been fun to see play out (and we know from his other work how good it might've been).

It wasn't meant to be, but you can have a read through his pitch in the Tweet embedded below!

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