2020-03-30 18:00:00

Had the world not been in the midst of a pandemic, Black Widow would have arrived in theaters one month from tomorrow. As it stands, the next Marvel Studios movie doesn't have a release date, and fans continue to hope that Disney will decide to have the film debut on Digital platforms/Disney+ rather than hold it back until late 2020. 

During a recent social media Q&A (via The Playlist), star David Harbour once again addressed that possibility, and he's clearly a fan of the idea that fans should see the film sooner rather than later.

"My [publicist] also sent me an email saying Black Widow had been postponed," the actor said, "and I think I replied 'shocker.' Wouldn’t it be fun if we all could just stream it? But that’s above my pay grade." It is indeed, and we still don't know whether Disney is happy to consider taking a huge financial hit on the blockbuster by releasing it early.

However, with no money coming in from theatrical releases, Disney+ not yet turning a profit, and theme parks closed indefinitely, it could prove to be in the studio's best interest to whack a hefty price tag on Black Widow and see how it performs on Digital (there's no way they've not been paying close attention to how Onward as done as this could change how films are released forever). 

As of right now, it's still very early days, and it's unlikely that Disney will make any sort of final decision about Black Widow in the next few weeks. However, should it become clear that COVID-19 is going to keep theaters closed through most of 2020, we could see many studios make some big changes...

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