2020-03-30 20:48:00

The first trailer for Morbius included a surprise appearance from Michael Keaton's Adrian Toomes, possibly confirming that the movie is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe...or that the Spider-Man movies are also set in Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters (SUMC). 

Whatever the case may be, Morbius and Venom are clearly part of the same world as a newly revealed set photo (via Reddit) features a nod to the symbiote courtesy of some graffiti. However, look closely, and you'll notice another nod to the Venom franchise thanks to a mention of Kaine. In the comic books, he's Peter Parker's clone and better known as the Scarlet Spider.

For now, there's no reason to suspect that the latter is going to make his big screen debut in the near future, but it's hard to imagine Morbius not setting the stage for Venom 2 in some way.

That sequel is also bound to tease Spider-Man 3, especially as we know that the Living Vampire's big screen debut will include a number of references to Peter Parker being a wanted criminal. 

We'll have to wait and see on that front, especially as there's currently no guarantee that Morbius will be released as planned this July. After all, Wonder Woman 1984 has already been pushed back to August over COVID-19 concerns, so depending on what happens from here, the same could happen to Sony's next Marvel film (unless it ends up being released on Digital).

Check out the photo below:


CONFIRMED: Venom will appear as graffiti in Morbius Movie from r/SUMC
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