2020-03-30 21:00:00

A little earlier today, we brought you a breakdown of major reveals from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder's live commentary, and more details have now been revealed about the film's Knightmare sequence. That saw the Caped Crusader make his way through a desolate Gotham City in a world controlled by Darkseid and Superman. 

As that scene was unfolding during Snyder's exploration of the film, he revealed that, "There's a culture here where Batman's running the show and defending what's below us."

"This is the lake and below us is what is the Batcave to use to turn into their [the resistance] headquarters. They've stolen this thing from the old LexCorp which is a piece of kryptonite but no, it's a trap - it's a green light. Then you see, these are the Superman Stormtroopers that have set the trap for Batman because Batman's the guy Superman is looking for, more than anybody."

The filmmaker then dropped a massive revelation about the Parademons in this grim future, teasing that the Superman Soldiers were, in fact, a different version of the monsters!

"Not all of humanity have been turned into parademons, some are used to infiltrate the human resistance on Earth," he explained. "Superman, at this point, has probably succumbed to the Anti-Life Equation and serves the will of Darkseid and he's also looking for Batman whom he blames for the death of Lois Lane in this alternate world."

It's a pity that future films in the DCEU won't explore this Knightmare vision of the future further, but it's great to finally have more insight into what Snyder had planned for it. However, we're not sure anything will beat this piece of intel shared by the filmmaker!

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