2020-05-22 10:55:00

Man of Steel director Zack Snyder recently held a watch party for his 2013 movie, and there were plenty of intriguing reveals about his DC Comics adaptation. One of the most interesting, however, saw the filmmaker talk about almost including a nod to Watchmen's Doctor Manhattan. 

In the movie, Mars is briefly seen on one of the government's screens monitoring the Kryptonian ship which launches from the Arctic, and it was there Snyder planned to include a big Easter Egg. 

He explains that there would have been some sort of reference to Doctor Manhattan, though Snyder didn't specify whether he was going to be spotted on the planet or if we might have caught a glimpse of the palace he created. Either way, this would have suggested that Watchmen and Man of Steel take place in the same world, though we doubt it was meant to actually set the stage for anything. 

Still, after Doomsday Clock, the thought of Superman and Doctor Manhattan clashing on screen is undeniably intriguing, and Snyder tying his films together like this would have been fun to see.

What do you guys think?

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