2020-05-22 11:06:00

While COVID-19 has halted filming on Marvel Studios' Phase 4 productions, work continues on the animated What If? remotely. The series is set to premiere on Disney+ in 2021, and while we know that one episode will revolve around "What If Peggy Carter Took The Super Soldier Serum?," the premise of the others remains a mystery. 

There have been some hints, though, and in a newly surfaced Variety video from last year's San Diego Comic-Con (via The Direct), we may have just discovered details on another possible episode. 

During a recap of the Marvel Studios panel, reporter Matt Donnelly mentions seeing something we definitely couldn't have predicted. "I know it's sort of hard to imagine," he says, "but they showed images of Tom Holland as Hawkeye. They showed Peggy [Hayley Atwell] as Captain America and it's all animated."

It's worth noting that this artwork might have just been there to give fans an idea of what could happen in What If?, so there's nothing to say we will, in fact, get an episode showing Peter Parker becoming Hawkeye instead of Spider-Man (which is a pretty bizarre premise if we're being honest). 

"Marvel Zombies" are also expected to appear in this animated series, while one episode is set to explore what would have happened if Yondu took T'Challa into outer space instead of Star-Lord. 

How would you guys feel about Peter Parker potentially becoming Hawkeye in What If? next year?

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