2020-06-29 09:28:00

When The CW announced its January premieres, there was no mention of planned Arrow spinoff Green Arrow and the Canaries. Usually, these shows would return to the network in October, but they've been pushed back to next year after the coronavirus (COVID-19) massively delayed production. 

Supergirl is coming back later than usual due to star Melissa Benoist's pregnancy, but Superman & Lois will fill the void with its series premiere in the New Year. 

As for Green Arrow and the Canaries, The CW may finally be close to making a decision about the show as network President Mark Pedowitz recently reassured fans that they're still considering its future, while former Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim has told one fan on Twitter that, "We should receive word — one way or another — very, very soon."

It's unclear what the hold up is, but it's likely down to the pandemic and the network being careful not to spend too much money or make commitments to a series which won't pay off for them. There's a lot of interest in the show from fans, but Arrow ratings weren't strong near the end. 

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