2020-09-15 20:30:00

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is shooting again in Atlanta, Georgia, and after a socially distanced set photo from Sebastian Stan yesterday, we finally get to see the what was on the other side of his lens. Shared by Anthony Mackie on Twitter, the image offers perhaps our best (and definitely highest resolution) shot of The Falcon to date. 

It's an undeniably badass costume, but one he's unlikely to wear for long if rumors and theories that Sam Wilson will eventually wield the shield as Captain America are, in fact, correct. 

Initially, John Walker's U.S. Agent will take on the role of Captain America in Steve Rogers's absence, but whether he's actually on the side of the angels is uncertain, especially if Baron Zemo is pulling the new super soldier's strings. That's purely speculation for the time being, however.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier doesn't have a premiere date, and if claims that Black Widow is being postponed are correct, it could end up being shifted down the calendar like the rest of Marvel Studios's Phase 4 slate (especially if Black Widow needs to be seen before the Disney+ TV series). 

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