2020-10-07 13:30:00

The Mandalorian's second season is fast approaching, and in early December, Lucasfilm Publishing will release The Art of The Mandalorian. The book promises to shed some light on the work that went into bringing this corner of a Galaxy Far, Far Away to life on the small screen, and a handful of preview pages have been generating a lot of attention online recently. 

As you can see below, it looks like Din Djarin's armour was once going to look almost identical to what Boba Fett wore in the original Star Wars movies. This would have massively increased speculation that The Mandalorian's protagonist was indeed the iconic bounty hunter, who it's now believed will be part of season two.

Heading in a slightly different direction was a wise move, as fans would no doubt have been disappointed when it was made clear Fett wasn't the one beneath the helmet. 

Another piece of very interesting concept art shows the infant Child and what he looks like beneath those baggy robes. Clearly, he's built exactly like any other infant, and with Disney only able to sell toys of "Baby Yoda" in his original outfit for so long, you have to believe he could end up getting a different costume somewhere down the line.

Check out this concept art from The Mandalorian below:




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