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Man facing death penalty after murdering woman he found through Tinder 'with girlfriend'A man who slashed his own neck during a court hearing has been found guilty of murdering and dismembering a young woman he met through Tinder, and could now face execution.Jurors convicted Aubrey Trail of first-degree murder in the death of Sidney Loofe, 24, after less than three hours of deliberation.Loofe disappeared in November 2017 and her remains were found in 14 pieces near a highway in Nebraska weeks later.Trail's girlfriend Bailey Boswell also faces a murder charge but her trial is yet to begin.Prosecutors said Trail and Ms Boswell had planned to kill someone before the woman met Loofe through Tinder. Ms Boswell solicited young women through social media sites, and she and her boyfriend together picked out a victim, it is said.Trail said he and Ms Boswell had in fact met Loofe several months earlier, but that she did not want to participate in their other crimes. He claimed they rekindled a relationship in November 2017 through Tinder. Prosecutors alleged Trail repeatedly changed his story during the investigation and trial. Authorities said Trail and Boswell had been captured on video buying tools used to dismember Loofe, hours before the young woman’s death and while she was still at work.Trail and his partner were later charged with murder but the 52-year-old claimed Loofe had died during rough sex.He also said he had invented various stories, including one about killing 14 other people, to throw investigators off-track.Following the verdict, a second phase of the trial is underway to determine whether Trail is eligible for the death penalty.Trail missed much of his own trial after slashing his neck in the courtroom on 24 June. He shouted, ”Bailey is innocent, and I curse you all” before he passing an object across his throat.He returned to court earlier this week to testify in his defence, bearing large scars on his neck.Additional reporting by AP

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