2019-10-10 02:09:24
Jesse Schedeen

It's honestly surprising Marvel hasn't attempted more solo Doctor Doom comics over the years. He's the only real competition to Magneto when it comes to best Marvel villain. Those few Doom comics Marvel has published (Books of Doom, Infamous Iron Man) have been very enjoyable. This new Doctor Doom series reads like a modest but very welcome attempt at making up for lost time. It's hardly a flawless debut for the good Doctor, but still one well worth reading.

With Doctor Doom #1, writer Christopher Cantwell and artist Salvador Larroca loosely build on the status quo established in Dan Slott's Fantastic Four run. Compared to Infamous Iron Man, which focused on a heroic Victor von Doom unafraid to show his face to the world, this is a far more traditional take on the character. Doom is back in the old armor and ruling Latveria with an iron grip. Apart from the minimal presence of Doom's new herald, Victorious, there's nothing to really anchor this story in any particular era of Fantastic Four history. That makes for an accessible debut issue, if nothing else.

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